Moves that are local will have no charge for mileage.  However, a trip charge and fuel charge will apply call for details.

2 men and a 28ft trailer is $4.60 per loaded mile
3 men and a 40ft trailer is $5.60 per loaded mile
4 men and a 53ft trailer is $6.60 per loaded mile

On moves over 500 miles subtract 50 cents per loaded mile.

On long-distance moves, if you allow us to combine your shipment with another customer we can offer a discount on mileage.




2 men and a 28ft truck/trailer $120.00 per hour

3 men and 40ft truck/trailer $180.00 per hour

4 men and 53ft truck/trailer $240.00 per hour

Road Tolls

 On out of state moves the actual cost of road tolls will be added to the invoice

Labor for loading and unloading

Mover tips are appreciated.

2 men $75.00 per night
3 men $85.00 per night

4 men $95.00 per night

Hemmen Moving & Storage

If you are happy with our service payment is due upon completion of all moves within Iowa.  On out of state moves 25 % is due when the move is scheduled and the remaining balance is due when the move is completed unless arrangements have been made in advance.

overnight Long distance moves

We like local moving, we "LOVE" long distance